Tuesday, January 31, 2006

A Simple Experiment

I included, buried in a post in my LiveJournal, my first child/parent frustration comments, and for the first time in months I chose not to use my "Childfree" friends filter to see if it was safe, if maybe I was blowing things out of proportion about not being able to discuss things in my journal.

The experiment worked.

The filter is activated again.

I got chewed out by a parent friend of mind who angrily explained why strollers are necessary (I know this) and that I'm the adult, I should have just waited for the kid to play with the sink's motion sensors while a line formed behind me instead of politely asking him to "excuse me!" Nevermind that my issue wasn't with the strollers themselves, or with kids washing their hands in general, and I never said that children should never be taken out of the house, etcetera etcetera etcetera. No no no, nothing like this. Yes, there was emotion, frustration, in the post, but it was situational, and I never made a blanket statement about children not going out in public. Not even close!!

I give up.

I really didn't want to be right.

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