Monday, July 30, 2007

Grey's Baby Rabies

Ok, explain this to me.

I love Grey's Anatomy and have spent the last several days that I've been laid up post-surgery catching up on Season Three. And holy CRAP, the women have gone nuts. As if they weren't before, but still. I suppose this contains spoilers.

The thing that made me the most upset is Callie (my favorite character -- I'm glad she seems to be sticking around) approached her husband George about wanting to have a baby. Lovely, curvy, strong Callie, who doesn't want babies, approaches George and says something that she has no desire to carry a baby around in her body for 9 months and raise a kid, but her hormones are telling her she wants a baby. She knows it's hormones, but is she saying she wants to have a baby? Her answer? "Apparently." Apparently?!

Add that to Addison ranting and raving about "forgetting to have a baby" and whining that she's now surrounded by babies...SHE'S A O.B.!!! The chief's WIFE is pregnant at 52? WHAT?! And now suddenly Alex wants to be a father to Eva's baby?! Babies here, babies there, because that's what we needed in this HOSPITAL DRAMA, we need more babies!!

The show was so courageous in the way it handled Cristina's unwanted pregnancy, at least talking honestly about abortion, and I was happy to see that Bailey's baby didn't play heavily into the plot (though I have to wonder whatever happened to it). But now, the baby-centric shift has me concerned for the next season. What, can no one relate to these characters because they're not mothers?

Honestly, though, the thing that bothers me the most is Callie's statement that "apparently" she wants a baby, even though she says in the same breath that she doesn't want one because of how it will affect her career. And nevermind that their marriage is SO NOT OKAY. A baby's going to help that? I'll be curious to see how they handle that, because what that shotgun marriage needs is so NOT a baby.

I don't know, I'm always a little disappointed when shows turn babycentric. Maybe it's because I can't relate to it. Grey's took SUCH an extreme turn in the last few episodes that it's really bugging me.


Anonymous said...

Same with Scrubs. I love the show but it has become way too pronatalist for me. Seriously, is there a female character that isn't pregnant or trying to be. Another one bites the dust.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree. I was just posting about this a few weeks ago on BellaOnline's Married No Kids board - how even the best, non-babycentric shows usually give in and have their characters' lives revolve around the need/want for children. I just don't get it. I love GA, and as the previous commenter mentioned, Scrubs, and I'll keep watching, but if every storyline for the female characters solely revolves around children, at some point, I'll have to give it up. The truly courageous thing is to show happily childfree people/couples and how they live their lives, surrounded by others who feel the need to breed. Thanks for your blog, it echoes many of my thoughts and the childfree lifestyle I'm trying to embrace and get my DH to embrace as well (he's on the fence, I'm not anymore).

GottabeMe said...

Yup, I agree, and have been really disappointed with the turn that Scrubs has taken. JD and Kim having the "oops" baby even though it was concieved purely by accident on the first date, and then basing their decision to keep the baby based on the warm fuzzies from Carla and Turk having their baby, and then Jordan having ANOTHER baby, and JD not being in love with Kim and not even making the effort to see his kid after she, I don't like any of those characters anymore. Thank God for The Office!