Saturday, July 09, 2011

Birth Control Party

Spending the evening at a friend's party that was not closed to kids is the best birth control ever. In one night there was a baby whose parents had to leave early because of his fussing, a curious but well-behaved one-year-old who couldn't stop touching EVERYTHING and opening every drawer, making a huge mess and nearly breaking many things, and a hyperactive three-year-old who acted like she'd done a few lines of cocaine before coming into the room with us. My head still hurts from said 3-year-old's screaming.


My friends all thought this was adorable. "Look how energetic and friendly she is! She isn't afraid of strangers at all!!" I spent the entire time anxious, nervous, and wanting to leave, and now I have a headache.

This is why we do not invite the kids of friends to evening parties. A barbecue, sure. But not an evening party with drinking and booze and grown-ups chatting about things that may not be appropriate. (Don't get mad at us, Mom. We're here to hang out. Don't want her to hear us? Keep her out by your clique of friends)

Actually coming out and saying out loud to my husband what I was feeling and confronting my fear that he'd take my statements and turn it into "let's have a baby" seemingly evaporated every bit of anxiety and babyrabies I was having. My body seems to have settled and is no longer throwing the pangs in my belly at me, and because of that my mind is clear.

Between that and today's kid experience, I'm feeling like myself again. It's a damn good place to be, and it was beautiful to come home to our kidless home and just relax in the peaceful quiet.


Anonymous said...

Dear Stasha
I cried when I found your blog. It feels so good to read the experiences of another woman who has the conflicts that I too experience. Thank you for your frank and honest account of your life. I have saved this blog in my favourites and will be reading it in the future.
Your strength and ability to converse with your partner has made me feel stronger and more confident to talk with my partner.
Kym x

Anonymous said...

Yes, your blog is great! My husband and I are in our 30's and are not going to have kids. When we go to parties with lots of kids I almost lose my mind and then thank God I'm not going to have to go home with any of those kids. I love my nieces to pieces and that's all I need.

Anonymous said...

I adore kids (just the non-crying/whining ones)... but only in 1 hour increments. After that... its get me the F out of here.

I'm so thankful that you created this blog. I will be sharing it with all 3 of my childfree friends!